How To Fix Google Chrome Slow On Windows 10 Issue



there are several factors that can cause

Google Chrome to run slow in Windows 10

you might have a lot of tabs open while

only having a limited amount of RAM you

should take into consideration that each

Chrome tab uses up a considerable amount

of RAM and if your computer just has

four gigabytes of RAM and you have a lot

of tabs open then you are bound to

experience this problem another possible

factor that can cause this problem as a

slow internet connection the loading

time of the browser will greatly depend

on your internet speed so make sure that

your connection is stable here are some

of the recommended troubleshooting steps

you need to do when faced with this

problem if your Chrome browser has

several extensions installed and running

then this can greatly affect the speed

of your browser if you have any

extensions installed then you should try

to disable them open the Google Chrome

browser click the customize and control

Google Chrome icon in the upper right

corner of the browser window

drop down menu that appears select more

tools and then extensions

extensions tab find the extension that

you want to disable or remove

disable the extension click the toggle

switch at the bottom right of the

extension box so that it turns gray to

remove it click the remove button once

this is done check if the Google Chrome

slow on Windows 10 issue still occurs

try turning off hardware acceleration

open the Chrome browser

click on custom

and control Google Chrome on the top

right then select settings

scroll down and click show advanced


go to system then select hardware


turn this setting off

check if the google crome slow on

Windows 10 issue still occurs the

default folder is where the browser

stores your profile if this data has

been corrupted then it can lead to this

problem to fix this you will need to

rename this folder so that a new one

will be automatically created

close the Chrome browser

open Windows Explorer

paste the following in the address bar

percent local AppData percent backslash

google backslash

Chrome backslash user data backslash

search for the folder name default and

rename this to backup default

check if the google crome slow on

Windows 10 issue still occurs there are

times when the problem can be caused by

a glitch in the network adapter to

eliminate this possibility you will need

to reset the computer network adapter

press the windows key + x key and select

command prompt admin

type netsh winsock reset then press the

Enter key

restart the computer

check if the google crome slow on

windows tennis-shoe still occurs in case

the above steps fails to fix the problem

then you should try uninstalling chrome

from your computer and reinstall it

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