Bird scooter mechanic , how to stop the beeping


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okay so this was the beeping scooter

from the video and as you can tell it's

not beeping anymore so I just wanted to

let you know how I made it stop beeping

in case you are a mechanic and you are

like still having questions about that


it's tricky it doesn't work like all of

the time but I'd say about 50% of the

time when they're beeping this is how

you would fix it um I took a knife and I

took out the power button I just pulled

it out and then I held down the power

button because I think what had happened

was this got jammed like jammed down

somehow cuz like it was in the sand so

it obviously got sand in it and I think

it just got stuck so what I did was I

took a knife pulled it out held the

power button down and it turned off the

scooter and then I turned it back on by

pressing the button and placing the

plastic piece back on top and it stopped

the beeping so yeah I hope you found

this helpful

thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed

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