Is it good luck when a bird poops on you?

what no no no absolutely not having a

bird take a on you is terrible luck

so I was walking outside where I work

right I was minding my own business

having a good old time when all of a

sudden our flies over my head and takes

a right on my shoulder I turn

around to see one of my co-workers

laughing at me and through her giggle

she says Matt you know what don't worry

about it

it's not that big a deal it's actually

good luck when a bird takes a

on your shirt what you you do know

that bird is poop and pee at the

same time right I mean like come on bird

that's good luck why why is bird

good luck no but seriously bird

kidneys they extract nitrogenous waste

from the bloodstream and instead of

excreting that the form of poop or pee

like we're used to they release that

gross white uric acid and that's that's

definitely not good luck is it good luck

because of a small likelihood that this

would happen to me on a daily basis am I

to feel better that there's only a 1 in

10,000 chance that this would happen and

forever reason this bird chooses

me no you see for a 1 in 10,000 chance I

want something that's actually good I

don't know like maybe I talked to a girl

and she doesn't throw up in her mouth

something both wild of a 1 in 10,000

chance bird dropping a bomb on you is a

good thing

ha now that's some Burchett