The True Meaning of Bird Box (Ending and Monsters Explained)

so I just finished the movie bird box over on Netflix I know who it was an

excellent movie but this movie actually shows perfectly the link between

depression and loneliness and I'm gonna tell you about a really cool study that

proves it so the ending and monsters will be explained what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we

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perfectly for the thumbnail if you haven't seen bird box yet there's going

to be spoilers it's a great movie excellent movie I loved it and also I'm

going to be using some of the ideas that I pulled from an awesome youtuber who I

just subscribed you his name is think story he explained the ending and monsters of bird box it perfectly like

even at the end I was kind of like confused like I made some of the

connections he did but he has a great explanation of the movie so I'm gonna

link his video down in the description as well as up in the info card if you

want to get more of a breakdown of the movie all right

so just to kind of sum it up I'm gonna be talking about two different topics

here all right I'm gonna be talking about the link between depression and

loneliness and then I'm also going to be explaining the monsters alright so we

start off with Sandra Bullock's character Mallory and she's pregnant she

was left by her man named Ryan and it starts off with her seeing her sister

and she's an artist and in her first painting that she's working on whether

sister comes over she talks about how you know these these people are there

they're all together but you can see that they're lonely right and there's a

lot of darkness in all of her paintings right and when she goes to the ob/gyn

she she doesn't feel connected to her baby and she's also thinking about

giving it up for adoption alright but you could tell them not only has this

kind of like I work on life where she's disconnected right

disconnected from other people and maybe you know that's partially because the

the father of the kid left but you also find that throughout the movie that she

didn't have a great relationship with her mom or her dad like her sister talks

to her mom for her and that's how they get these updates and everything like

that but throughout this movie you see how Mallory has these walls up and she

is just an isolated person right and it's hard for her to make connections

with other people and some would argue that that's helped her survive but this

is actually something that we could look at with some psychology to some of these

things that we do like the walls that we build up these are defense mechanisms

that we built up as a kid way and they served a purpose as a kid maybe when we

got too close to people it hurt us and we carried that on throughout our life

but later on it can actually hurt us okay and that to me is kind of what this

movie was talking about and later on as the movie goes forward we see how

Mallory starts to build more connections but like you really start to see it when

when the kids are how old are they like five years old

you see that she named these kids boy and girl all right

like she was so disconnected and didn't want to build this bond with people so

much that she named the children boy and girl

and you know what what set her back a little bit but only briefly was the loss

of Tom right they fell in love and you know they were alive together until

something happened to Tom later on but anyways one of the topics that I think

was interesting too was how depression from a parent can can affect a child too

so I think you know one of the one of the symbols in there was like she was

sheltering those kids too so her and Tom get into this argument where tom was

stolen telling him this story write this story about when he was a kid he was

outside playing and all these other things and Mallory comes in there she

ends his story and all this and she can argue with Tom that sounds like yo we

got to give these kids hope like that's what it's about being a parent and Tom

calls her out for her ways in the way that she's she's shelter has these wall

and now it's affecting these kids too he even calls her out for the fact that he

named a boy and girl but later on towards the end of the movie when a girl

is later named Olympia almost gets taken by the monster you know

Mallory gets her back by apologizing for what she's done right and she tells she

tells the rest of Tom's story and the daughter ends up coming back but I think

this is this is a really important symbol too because as parents if you're

a parent out there we have to work on our mental health we have to work on our

mental health for a multitude of reasons it affects our kids in a variety of

different ways but one of the things is it might push our kids away like if we

try to shelter them from everything from the outside world it can affect them

very very greatly right and Torcy into the movie like the ending of the movie

is mattering not having this connection okay we see that in a few different ways

when she goes to the school for the blonde she names the kids finally she

lets them go and play she lets the birds go and all this other stuff these are

old ob-gyn and that battery has this connection all right but I want to tell

you about a study because there is this great great link between depression and

loneliness all right so this is actually a study that came from my favorite

depression book of the year called lost connections like it's all about

depression and anxiety I'm gonna link it down in the description and the comments

below and you have to have you have to have to

read this book this book is like the number one at the top of my list for

anybody out there struggling with depression or anxiety anyways there's a

study in there that they talk about and scientists who did this his name was

John Cacioppo all right Acacio Poe I think I'm saying that right many ways

he's a neuroscientist all right so and he ended up doing an experiment because

he thought there was a link between depression and loneliness or being

disconnected from people so for a long time for a long time even to this day

they thought that our brains were just not functioning right these chemical

imbalances and all of this so he was like well maybe there's something else

going on maybe little bit further so he was a professor

at the University of Chicago so what they did was they got a hundred students

all right they got a hundred students and they told him to just go about their

days for three days all right just live your normal life do your thing all right

so on the first day on the first day they had a few things okay

we had a notepad they had a beeper and that a heart monitor okay so whenever

that beeper would beep they had to write down the readings from the heart monitor

and they also had to say whether they felt lonely or connected to other people

all right so if you imagine maybe they were walking down the street by

themselves they felt lonely okay but if the people went off while they're at

dinner with friends or family maybe they felt more connected all right so on day

two same thing with a beeper but instead of having the heart monitor they have

these little plastic tubes that they had to spit in okay the reason they had to

spitting them is because John wanted to measure the cortisol levels okay

those of you who don't know the cortisol is that is a stress hormone so they had

to spit in the tube and also write down how lonely or connected they felt and

the the results were absolutely mind-blowing okay so when they got the

test results back and they were measuring the heart rates and cortisol

levels like first off the heart rates are up when somebody feels lonely okay

but the the cortisol levels like that stuff was insane people have the exact

same cortisol levels when they felt lonely as when you're being physically

attacked all right like let that sink in for a second when you feel lonely and

disconnected from other people you have the same amount of stress is when you're

being physically attacked isn't that insane so this is why depression and

anxiety fuel each other all right cortisol is a stress hormone it triggers

anxiety so when you are lonely you are getting anxious as well so this is why

we need to work on building our connections if you're ever interested

down in the description of every single one of my videos we have a link to our

Facebook group as well as our discord server I'm gonna do some other videos

later on like using using technology to our advantage to connect with others is

one of the best things that you can do for somebody who doesn't go out that

much all right like we need to feel connected with other people

in Natalie's case in a bird box it was feeling connected with her children but

she also started building connections with other people actually ended up

maybe the daughter Olympia after the nicest woman she ever met right she

named the son Tom okay so like she ended up building those connections later

so now let's explain these monsters let's explain what this big bad monster

was so this is something else that I think story actually talked about so we

never actually see those monsters all right we never see them now it was it

was kind of confusing but I think things story kind of explained it well like

there were people who could look at the monster so those of you who haven't seen

it but hopefully you have because I just gave away like a lot of spoilers anyways

if you looked at the monster if you looked why that's why everybody has

these blindfolds like you go psychologically insane but there were

some people who walk around without blindfolds on and what we knew on a

couple occasions was there was the first guy who took out our boy from the movie

get out I forgot his name in the movie this movie but anyways he was an

ex-convict all right and then there was also the men who escaped from the insane

asylum or the psych ward right and those people were able to look so what they're

saying is like people who had already faced their demons they weren't affected

so what this was kind of symbolizing is when you're not facing these things

they're gonna come back and they're gonna mess you up alright so what what

happened was that Mallory didn't finally overcome these things until she faced

her personal struggles and one of the reasons we don't see these monsters is

because we don't see our depression we don't see our past we don't see these

things they're all trapped up here but Mallory in order to save her kids she

had to break down those walls she had to break down those barriers and save them

alright so that is the theory as to why we don't ever see these monsters okay

they're all up here but in order to heal you got to feel baby that's what I'm

trying to teach you but anyways I want to hear your thoughts and you saw a bird

box did you like it did you hate it do you understand the link between

depression and loneliness let's have a conversation down below alright anyways

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