What to Expect from a Client Brief

hi my name is Maria walls I'm the

program manager for a Bachelor of media

design here at media design school in


today I'm going to talk to you about

what it's like to receive a brief from a

client a client brief is when a client

or an outside person comes to us and

says we'd really like to create a

product or service but we're not quite

sure how to do it and we know that you

guys can brand it up and make it happen

but we'd like to talk to you about it so

a client brief as a connection a

conversation between the industry client

and us as the creative team one of the

most important things is to think about

who the client is so what I'm looking

for is a high profile who are you what

do you want the second thing that I'm

interested in is what is the product or

service that you are trying to sell and

can I please have some information on it

I also would like to know about the key

characteristics what are the special

factors in your product or service that

you're offering and you'd like us to

accentuate the next thing that I'd

really like to know is how has your

product or service being behaving in the

marketplace is it a popular thing or is

it somewhat unpopular and can we help

another really important piece of

information that we really need to know

is who are we talking to when we make

from this product or service come to

life is the 15 year old is it an

eighteen year old we need to think about

who it is we're talking to because we're

going to talk to these people in really

different ways obviously addressing an

80 year old with something online it's

not necessarily going to be very


however talking old school to a young

person sorry to separate us are they

legal or ethical constraints around the

product or service that the client is

trying to sell is this an an r18 product

for example and how much money is there

a budget for this project is there no

budget and also what's the time frame as

of a year as the month is it a week I'm

also going to ask the client what is the

appeal with this product we call this

the pitch

what's the the most important factor in

this product and finally as they're

supporting information that we need to

know about that will help the consumer

to understand that product or service

and that's all you need to know about

receiving a briefing