Introduction to vintage metal Beer Openers & Church Keys

hello folks we're gonna do a little

video here on beer openers just a quick

overview of what to look for when you

find a box full of beer openers or maybe

one or two in a drawer this is a loop

opener with advertising on the handle

here this one's for 7up for soda

probably these can go anywhere from

seven to five to twenty bucks or so

obviously ones with bottle or product

advertising smaller breweries command a

little premium and condition is often an

issue with ware or chips and such

these are figural wood openers this is

vickers legion from duluth probably a

$25 opener this Schreiber's from Buffalo

New York is a pretty common opener

along with City Club from the Twin

Cities five to ten bucks and this

depending on condition these bottle

openers can command a premium some of

them are pretty common but other ones

are scarce they vary greatly so I don't

want to throw a blanket statement over

them this in good condition would

probably be a $40 opener but as you can

see it's in terrible shape

ten bucks at best this opener is out of

Ely Minnesota and it's cool because

magnetic and you could put that on a

metal surface like the refrigerator or

bar as advertising on it

local there's people that collect items

from certain towns and certain brands

fit ker beer mixes would have appealed

to both collectors of fit ker beer

Minnesota collectors and Ely this is

what's known as a slide open or where

the opener slides out of the handle and

on the back has a little button that you

press and it extends otherwise it

retracts these are pretty common out

east and some of these can go for a

fairly decent money fifty dollars twenty

five up to 100 but it's kind of cool

they have enamel in the back

with the raised metal lettering these

loop openers are probably the most

common and prevalent in you'll find one

of these in a silverware or junk drawer

they were given out in the day with a

case of beer they go over the top of the

cap otherwise we're given away by

distributors or bars and some of these

can be 50 cents to a buck apiece but

some of the smaller or more rare

breweries can I don't know 1020 dollars

again I don't want to cast a blanket

statement see that's gospel but these

are probably the most common bottle

openers that you'll find with this type

opener we're getting a little more aged

these might be post-prohibition so after

1933 but flat easy to put on a keychain

and these are a little older they might

be a 5 to 10 some of them can reach 20

dollars but the older ones look like

this these completely flat ones are

usually pre-prohibition where they'd be

pre-1920 some may have a little square

insert or opening on them that those are

called Prestolite openers that little

wrench area was used to adjust gas

carbide lamps on old cars but these are

your older openers and more desirable

you find these see they're completely

flat and are generally oh here are a few

other openers from Minnesota this clicks

one was a bottle cap opener this one

here was a keg wine opener you see the

sharp point there those were used to

pierce the lids of flattop cans

usually to punch holes help to ensure

smooth Flowage of your beer and this

kathe one from Mankato Minnesota bottle

opener with the hole on the end for

putting on your keychain or attaching it

to something that's a little more

unusual a cast-iron opener this middle

opener they're more common you'll find

a bottle opener on this end and can

opener on this end it's copper colored

one a little bit different in this

bottom one usually a few dollars a piece

for these type the Cato might go for $20

it's a small brewery different opener

kind of unusual here's a Schlitz figural

can opener where the opener extends out

of the end and then this unusual bottle

opener from Sean o farmers Brewing

Company it's shown in Wisconsin and

let's throw this one in there figural

opener with no advertising on it

not real desirable from collectors it is

useful however this one shaped like a

fish with a serrated edge on its back

you can use it for sawing lifting bottle

caps weapon whatever but not real

desirable collectors and let's throw

this one in here Stroh's knife opener

probably from the 1980s when they were

here in st. Paul took over the hams

brewery this probably a $10 item does

have the opener within the knife and to

conclude our video today we have a star

X bar mounted opener there is a version

of this that instead of having the holes

mounted vertically they have them

mounted horizontally or put horizontally

in the casting those are a little bit

tougher these usually sell for well

fifteen to thirty dollars this one is in

the box commands a slight premium hope

that helps with some of your opener

questions as always if you have

questions contact me bury the beer guy I

buy old beer calm and I'll help you

answer any questions regarding openers